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TOP 10 Classes (incl. October!)

TOP 10 Classes (incl. October!)

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Your favorite class? The bellicon LIVE community has voted and the OCTOBER RESULTS are in. These are the TOP 10 listed by month. Check back frequently to see whether your trainer/class combo made the cut!

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TOP 10 Classes (incl. October!)
  • Cardio Fun Part 1.0 | 10/5/20 | Julia

    Episode 1

    Easy steps, steady state work to keep your heart rate evenly on 60-70% of your max. heart rate and beach view makes this class the perfect start for your 4 weeks weight loss challenge. Lets start movin‘!

  • Interval Work Part 6.0 | 10/15/20 | Julia

    Episode 2

    Welcome in the world of interval training. From now on interval trainings will be your best friend and be a huge part of the WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE. Keep burning fat after the workouts, saving time and structured moves are the advantages of interval workouts. Let's get this party started.

  • Monday Full Body Blast | 10/19/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 3

    Jump start your week with a full body toning and calorie burning workout focusing on all things cardio and body weight only dynamic movements and exercises!

  • Tone & Shape Part 3.0 | 10/9/20 | Julia

    Episode 4

    More muscles are burning more fat. So let's use this advantage in this WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE and work on our strength and shape. Quitting is no option!

  • Circuit Power Part 9.0 | 10/20/20 | Julia

    Episode 5

    Building muscles to burn more fat even in times of inactivity. In this class cardio parts are alternated with toning parts for best results. Quitting is not an option.

  • Cardio Bounce JACK ATTACK is Back! | 10/10/20 | Julie

    Episode 6

    This 45-min. routine will incorporate a lot of jumping jacks in different varieties for lots of heart-pumping action. You've got this!

  • Cardio Bounce | 10/3/20 | Jenna

    Episode 7

    Jenna takes you on a trip through some integrated bounce patterns that keep the pace consistent and the coordination going!

  • Carve It® BOXOUT | 10/8/20 | Claire

    Episode 8

    Exercise every cell in your body and experience a powerful endorphin surge with this vigorous, high intensity class. Carve It® BOXOUT combines boxing, kickboxing, strengthening and power moves with the profound metabolic exercise experienced only through rebounding. This fast-paced, explosive cl...

  • Carve It® SVELT-down | 10/13/20 | Claire

    Episode 9

    Carve It® SVELT-down will leave you dripping in sweat and craving more. This fun, upbeat class includes signature rebounding progression and strengthening moves that are created to produce RESULTS!

  • Recharge & Mobility Part 5.0 | 10/13/20 | Julia

    Episode 10

    Recovery bouncing moves, mobility exercises and deep stretching positions will help you to start fresh in the second week. Preparing to keep going.