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JUMPING meets Shadowboxer

JUMPING meets Shadowboxer

8 Episodes

The JUMPING meets SHADOWBOXER series is an all-round concept for all the pillars of a healthy body: you are working on your upper body strength, flexibility and coordination with the SHADOWBOXER belt, while your lower body is working on the bellicon. Functional moves and sequences of a boxing workout are imitated. The belt acts as a counterbalance to the movement and the tubes attached to the belt strengthen the muscles and stabilize the whole body. Rock your limits!!!

JUMPING meets Shadowboxer
  • JUMPING meets SHADOWBOXER - Boxing X Cardio | 8/30/20 | Julia

    Episode 1

    Level up your bellicon training. In this class we will use the SHADOWBOXER belt. Upper body work, boxing moves and cardio training in one class.

    UPDATE: 9/16/2020: Get your Shadowboxer equipment here:

  • JUMPING meets SHADOWBOXER - Function meets Boxing | 9/5/20 | Julia

    Episode 2

    This all new workout brings you the ideal combination of upper body work with the resistance belt SHADOWBOXER and the lower body work on the bellicon rebounder. Set goals, not limits.

  • Total Body Sculpting | 9/12/20 | Julia

    Episode 3

    Using the SHADOWBOXER for strengthening and shaping your upper body while the bellicon sets your legs on fire.

  • SHOULDER Sculpting | 9/17/20 | Julia

    Episode 4

    Building up arm strength and shape your shoulders with the resistance belt SHADOWBOXER on the bellicon

  • Fight Action | 9/22/20 | Julia - Part 2

    Episode 5

    While working on your upper body strenght with fun boxmoves with the SHAWBOXER Fitness Set, your lower body will be trained on the bellicon rebounder. Cardio meets strenght in this Total Body Class.

  • Boxing & Cardio Fun | 10/3/20 | Julia

    Episode 6

    Put on your shadowboxer belt and working on your upper body strength while your legs improving your cardio skills on the bellicon.

  • Cardio & Tone Action | 11/6/20 | Julia

    Episode 7

    Set your upperbody on fire by using the SHADOWBOXER belt. Simulating boxing moves and performing toning exercises to strengthen our core and the shoulder part. The cardiovascular system will be trained meanwhile on the rebounder.

  • Cardio & Fight | 11/26/20 | Julia

    Episode 8

    Arbeite mit simulierten Boxmoves an der Kräftigung Deines Oberkörpers und zeitgleich mit schnellen Moves auf dem bellicon zu trendigen Intervallbeats an der Verbesserung Deiner Ausdauer. Lets sweat it out.