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[PREMIERE] Upper Body Fit | 4/16/21 | Julia B.

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  • [PREMIERE] Intensive! | 4/16/21 | Claire

    Boost your metabolism in our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Work on your strength and endurance in these challenging classes. HIIT training is performed to motivational and thrilling interval music and leads to an afterburn effect due to the high intensity nature of the training. That m...

  • [PREMIERE] BetterSleepYoga | 4/16/21 ...

    In our YOGA classes 3 elements will be united: Strength, flexibility and relaxation. Improve your body awareness by focusing on your mind and body connection. Let it flow.

  • [PREMIERE] HIIT Xpress | 4/17/21 | Ben

    Während der JUMP Classes erwarten Dich abwechslungsreiche und intensive Moves auf dem bellicon® zu energiegeladener Musik. Trainiere bis zu 400 Muskeln zeitgleich und verbessere Deine Ausdauer mit jeder Menge Spaß. Let’s JUMP up!