• [PREMIERE] Body Positive | 4/13/21 | Claire

    Strengthen and shape your muscles in our TONE classes. Experience a variety of toning exercises and short cardio parts to build muscles and get stronger. Let’s TONE it up!

  • [PREMIERE] Get Your Glow | 4/13/21 | Fayth

    Our HEALTH classes are a combination of cardio exercises, gentle toning and coordination training to improve your everyday stability, your cardiovascular system and the strength of your entire body in a gentle and healthy way. Let’s stay HEALTHY.

  • NEW this week: Awaken Your Bounce Flow!

    4 videos

    This series isn’t just for the true beginner who has never touched a bellicon before, it’s also suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy body awareness, coordination skills and the benefits of soft toning and cardio exercises. Discover the bellicon®.