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[PREMIERE] Gutes Karma | 5/12/21 | Christian

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    It doesn't always have to be fast. Even moderate endurance training strengthens the cardiovascular system, promotes regeneration and reduces stress. Take the time to do something good for your body and mind. Remember, steady wins the race!

  • Shape it! | 5/8/21 | Christian

    Mit den TONE Classes arbeitest Du an Deiner Kraftausdauer und stärkst Deine Muskulatur. Die Kombination aus Kräftigungsübungen mit Fokus auf unterschiedliche Körperpartien und kurzen Cardiosequenzen gestalten das Training vielfältig und straffen Deinen Körper. Let’s TONE it up!

    Während dieser Cl...

  • Crying Calories | 5/7/21 | Christian

    Boost your metabolism in our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Work on your strength and endurance in these challenging classes. HIIT training is performed to motivational and thrilling interval music and leads to an afterburn effect due to the high intensity nature of the training. That m...