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Carve It®

Carve It®

6 Seasons

Carve It® is a series of trampoline-based classes and a systematic way of training. All classes incorporate rebounding aka jumping/training on mini-trampolines. Rebounding provides unique health benefits and a tremendously fun and effective way to train the whole body.

Carve It® Fitness offers classes that are suitable for all levels. Classes range from rejuvenating to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and include boxing, kickboxing, and BandSculpt classes that will leave you shaking. No matter where you are in your fitness or life journey, there is a place for you in our supportive community.

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Carve It®
  • Carve It® BITTY / plank variations. rebounding. core. | 6/19/20 | Claire

    Episode 1

    Carve It® BITTYs are 15 minute micro-classes. Whether you are looking to perfect specific moves, target a particular area of the body or supplement your training regimen, BITTYs are a great addition. These classes delve into training targeted areas of the body or learning how to properly work on ...

  • Carve It® AB-session | 6/12/20 | Claire

    Episode 2

    Carve It® AB-session is a thought out progression helping clients to connect with, activate and strengthen their abs in correct posture and form.

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