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Bounce & Barre

Bounce & Barre

59 Episodes

Barre + Bounce is a combo class that brings together the benefits of barre work and rebounding. In this class, you will circuit between barre exercises using the bellicon t-bar and cardio.

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Bounce & Barre
  • Express Bounce & Barre | 3/20/20 | Julie

    Episode 1

    This is the standard barre + bounce class reduced from 45 to 30 minutes to offer you convenience and flexibility! Prepare to tone your legs, glutes, core, and arms while also getting a few good bounces in. It’s a whole-body workout that anyone can tackle. Level: EASY.

  • Latin Pop Barre + Bounce | 3/23/20 | Julie

    Episode 2

    A great cardio and strength workout set to some seriously fun Latin pop beats! Get ready to strengthen, sweat, and see some results.

  • Barre + Bounce Max | 4/11/20 | Kyle

    Episode 3

    Spend a little extra time on strength as we cycle through some challenging Barre exercises and heart-pumping Bounce tempos. No equipment needed!

  • Barre in 30: Buns & Beats | 4/13/20 | Kyle

    Episode 4

    Strengthen those glutes with a series of lower body exercises, combined with bounce for an efficient 30 minutes.

  • Arms Sculpt Barre + Bounce | 4/25/20 | Kyle

    Episode 5

    A fun Barre + Bounce with an emphasis on toning our arms. Get ready to feel the burn in your shoulders!

  • Express Barre & Bounce: Indie Pop | 4/25/20 | Julie

    Episode 6

    No barre required! Use a desk, countertop, chair, or stool.

  • 30 Minute Barre + Bounce Toning | 5/9/20 | Kyle

    Episode 7

    Be ready to use your bellicon frame or T bar to lengthen and tone your legs, arms, and core during this express session.

  • 15-Minute Hip Hop Core | 5/16/20 | Kyle

    Episode 8

    Get ready to plank it out and tighten your core with a short video you can add on to a number of other bLIVE workouts! Optional: A towel for certain exercises.

  • Latin Express Barre + Bounce | 5/16/20 | Kyle

    Episode 9

    Enjoy some fun music as we work through plenty of leg toning exercises plus invigorating bounce. Optional props: Light weights/cans/water bottles.

  • Hip Hop Express Barre + Bounce | 5/23/20 | Kyle

    Episode 10

    We will tackle a mix of strength and cardio in an express 30 minutes. Optional: A towel for certain exercises.

  • Candlelight Barre Intensive | 5/13/20 | Julie

    Episode 11

    Let's turn the lights low and focus on lengthening & strengthening. Mostly barre work with a few bounces!

  • Barre + Bounce Burn | 5/18/20 | Kyle

    Episode 12

    We will turn the rebounder on its side to turn it into a Barre. Expect lots of challenges in this 30-minute set! Optional props: A mat and light weights or cans.

  • Love Songs Barre + Bounce | 5/20/20 | Julie

    Episode 13

    We could all use a little more love in our lives these days, right? In this class we will focus on toning muscles set to a soundtrack of songs, each of which has 'love' in the title.

  • Summer Buns Barre + Bounce | 6/1/20 | Kyle

    Episode 14

    Spend extra time shaping those glutes during this 45-minute Barre and bounce session. Optional: A towel and light weights.

  • Quick Quads | 6/8/20 | Kyle

    Episode 15

    Feel the burn in 20 minutes as we focus on small leg movements in Barre. No equipment needed.

  • Awesome Arms | 6/8/20 | Kyle

    Episode 16

    Use stationary and bounce movements to tone those arms! Optional equipment: Light weights (cans/water bottles work great) and a towel.

  • Morning Motivation Barre + Bounce (Express) | 6/3/20 | Julie

    Episode 17

    We'll start slow and then get into some energizing tunes that will leave you feeling strong and ready to tackle anything. No equipment needed - we'll do everything on the mat!

  • It's Summertime! Barre + Bounce | 6/10/20 | Julie

    Episode 18

    Hello warm weather. This class will be set to tunes that will capture the summer feeling perfectly! Join me for an uplifting and fun class.

  • Tight Core Express B+B | 6/15/20 | Kyle

    Episode 19

    In addition to the standard Barre + Bounce format you love will be extra time to tighten those core muscles. Optional: Light weights/cans/water bottles

  • Calorie-Torching Barre + Bounce | 6/15/20 | Kyle

    Episode 20

    We will add plenty of arm movements to our leg strength exercises to up our calorie burn. Get ready also for kicks and cardio challenges. Optional: Light weights/cans/water bottles and sliding discs/paper plate/towel

  • Neon Lights Barre + Bounce | 6/24/20 | Julie

    Episode 21

    With a backdrop of 80s, electronic, and pop tunes, this bounce & strengthening workout will have a big-city nightlife vibe with a cool retro edge.

  • Barre + Bounce Express: Salsa Edition! | 6/17/20 | Julie

    Episode 22

    Salsa is the rhythm, the dance, the musical excitement that sends people to the dance floor! This class will be power-packed with moves inspired by salsa tunes.

  • Sleek + Strong Express B+B | 6/22/20 | Kyle

    Episode 23

    Moves for lean muscles with the bonus of feeling strong and accomplished! Optional equipment: Light weights/cans/water bottles.

  • Barre + Bounce Basics | 7/6/20 | Kyle

    Episode 24

    If you're looking for an intro to Barre, or simply want a less intense Barre workout, this is for you! We will spend more time setting up correct posture for Barre and will supplement with some fun and easy bouncing. Optional equipment: Light weights/cans/water bottles.