Bikini Fit Series | Body Plan | 12 Weeks

Bikini Fit Series | Body Plan | 12 Weeks

12 Seasons

This 12 week body plan includes all the cardio, strength, core and flexibility workouts to get in bikini shape. Your workouts will change slightly each week to help you gradually build strength and endurance. Let's get fit for the summer

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Bikini Fit Series | Body Plan | 12 Weeks
  • HIIT Power with Christian K.

    Episode 1

    In this high intensity cardio training you will work on your speed, endurance and boost your fatburning metabolism.

  • Total Body Circuit with Julia vK.

    Episode 2

    This class offers you a full body workout. Moderate cardio parts are alternated with toning parts for your entire body.

  • Jumping Fun with Antonia W.

    Episode 3

    Working on your cardiovascular system in this bellicon JUMPING class. Fun moves on the bellicon combined with coordination exercises will make you sweaty.

  • Bootylicious with Julia vK.

    Episode 4

    Work on your legs and glutes in this booty xpress class. Toning exercises to get in shape.