bellicon HIIT Circuit

bellicon HIIT Circuit

30 Episodes

bellicon Circle is a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. This type of workout class challenges strength, stability, endurance, speed, and coordination utilizing various stations.

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bellicon HIIT Circuit
  • BOOTY ATTACK | 3/31/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 1

    This class is an interval training specially developed for your legs & glutes (music by

  • Cardio Booster | 4/7/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 2

    A tough workout to train your cardiovascular system. High intensity in a short time. (Music by

  • Cardio & Abs Fatburning | 4/9/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 3

    Performed to trendy Interval music you will burn a lot of calories and work on your six pack.

  • FIT like JUMPING Jack | 4/10/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 4

    A class full of jumping jacks in all his variations to level up your cardio.

  • Tabata Extreme! | 4/14/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 5

    Come push past your limits with Tabata Extreme! After a short warm up, I will take you through a full body, high intensity tabata class focusing on max effort with little down time, promoting cardio support, muscular protection, as well as metabolism/high fat/calorie burn that will continue even...

  • GET LEANER SERIES 2.0 HIIT It | 4/29/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 6

    This is the second video of the GET LEANER SERIES. Working with up to 90% of your max. heart rate to burn fat, calories and push your after burn effect. Different cardio exercises in 30 seconds intervals with 15 seconds rest between.

  • GET LEANER SERIES 5.0 Lower Body SHAPING | 5/5/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 7

    Welcome in week 2 of the GET LEANER SERIES. This workout contains a combination of 30 seconds cardio intervals and 30 seconds toning intervals to get your lower body in shape.

  • GET LEANER SERIES 7.0 Upper Body SHAPE | 5/9/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 8

    This is the last workout in week 2 of the GET LEANER SERIES. Cardio intervals and toning intervals for your upper body to burn fat and strengthen muscles.

  • STRONGER CHALLENGE WEEK #1 Squat challenge | 5/11/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 9

    This week is for gains. This is the first video of the squat challenge. Intervals with 20sec ON and 10sec OFF will improve your leg strenght and shape your booty.

  • 2 WEEKS BEACH BODY CHALLENGE - Cardio Boost | 6/2/20 | Julia

    Episode 10

    This cardio interval workout is a real booster for your metabolism. Get the benefits of the after burn effect and keep going.


    Episode 11

    In this intensive strengthening interval workout you will work mainly on shaping and toning your entire body. Functional moves also keeps your heart rate up.

  • Full Body Bounce! | 6/10/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 12

    Cardio burn, toning, a nice sweat, what more can. you ask for! Come ready to work on your bounce mechanics, build your endurance, and have a blast doing it!

  • Jumping Circuit meets Tabata | 7/7/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 13

    This class will get you in shape, in the cardio tracks you will burn calories, the Tabata intervals with toning exercises will strengthen your body.

  • Total Body Styling | 8/7/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 14

    This HIIT toning class will strengthen all muscles of your body. Upper-, lower body and core.

  • Superset TABATA | 8/14/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 15

    This superset TABATA class has an interval rhythm of 20sec ON/10 sec OFF. After 8 minutes holding an alternating workout pattern you have a 60sec stretching part on your bellicon. Work on your strength and endurance.

  • BALL GAME Series 1.0 - CHEER HIIT Workout | 8/17/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 16

    Cardio moves, functional moves and coordination exercises will improve your entire fitness. Can you keep up and workout like a cheerleader?đŸ“£

  • JUMPING meets SHADOWBOXER - Boxing X Cardio | 8/30/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 17

    Level up your bellicon training. In this class we will use the SHADOWBOXER belt. Upper body work, boxing moves and cardio training in one class.

    UPDATE: 9/16/2020: Get your Shadowboxer equipment here:

  • 80s STYLE HIIT WORKOUT | 9/1/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 18

    Working on your endurance and strength in this bellicon workout. Fun and motivating 80s beats will keep the fun factor high.

  • ROOFTOP GARDEN TABATA POWER | 9/8/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 19

    Tabata workout is a high intensity interval training which is boosting your fatburning metabolism. Tone & Cardio exercises performed in a 20/10 ON/OFF rhythm.

  • JUMPING meets SHADOWBOXER - Function meets Boxing | 9/5/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 20

    This all new workout brings you the ideal combination of upper body work with the resistance belt SHADOWBOXER and the lower body work on the bellicon rebounder. Set goals, not limits.

  • HIP HOP meets Urban Latin Workout | 9/14/20 | Julia vK.

    Episode 21

    Working on your strength in the HIP HOP TABATA parts and on your cardiovascular system in the Urban Latin Cardio parts.

  • Carve It® INTENSIVE | 6/4/20 | Claire

    Episode 22

    Short, but not so sweet…This class is, as the name suggests, intense - in a good way. Take a signature Carve It® class, remove the recovery intervals, add a weekly hyper-focus and voila, you have Carve It® INTENSIVE. Get your sweat on in this quick paced class and strengthen you body in ways unat...

  • Carve It® INTENSIVE | 5/28/20 | Claire

    Episode 23

    Short, but not so sweet. This class is, as the name suggests, intense - in a good way. Take a signature Carve It® class, remove the recovery intervals, add a weekly hyper-focus, and voila, you have Carve It® INTENSIVE. Get your sweat on in this quick-paced class and strengthen your body in ways u...

  • SMILE WHILE YOU HIIT | 10/2/20 | Fayth

    Episode 24

    Join Fayth for a High Intensity Interval training class that will make you smile as much as make you sweat.