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bellicon HIIT Circuit

bellicon HIIT Circuit

109 Episodes

bellicon Circle is a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. This type of workout class challenges strength, stability, endurance, speed, and coordination utilizing various stations.

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bellicon HIIT Circuit
  • HIIT Circuit | 3/17/20 | Katie

    Episode 1

  • Get Ready to Sweat | 3/19/20 | Ari!

    Episode 2

    A full body bellicon HIIT class will focus on strength, stability, endurance, speed, and coordination utilizing various exercises. The energetic music, along with intense intervals and short recovery periods, will get you sweating in no time.

  • Full Body HIIT | 3/24/20 | Katie

    Episode 3

    Raise your heart rate and keep your entire body moving with this interval-based workout that will engage all of your muscles. Each circuit has 45 seconds of activity, 15 seconds of rest. Build endurance while sculpting lean muscles!

  • bellicon HIIT | 3/26/20 | Ari

    Episode 4

    Welcome to bellicon HIIT with Ari - a 45 min High Intensity Intervall (HIIT) class focusing on all major muscle groups that torch calories and get you sweating!

    This full-body, 45 min bellicon HIIT class focuses on strength, stability, endurance, speed and coordination utilizing various exercis...

  • BOOTY ATTACK | 3/31/20 | Julia

    Episode 5

    This class is an interval training specially developed for your legs & glutes (music by

  • Abs Xpress | 4/5/20 | Julia

    Episode 6

    Tabata intervals you will strengthen your abs. 20 seconds of work are followed by 10 seconds of recovery.

  • Cardio Booster | 4/7/20 | Julia

    Episode 7

    A tough workout to train your cardiovascular system. High intensity in a short time. (Music by

  • Cardio & Abs Fatburning | 4/9/20 | Julia

    Episode 8

    Performed to trendy Interval music you will burn a lot of calories and work on your six pack.

  • FIT like JUMPING Jack | 4/10/20 | Julia

    Episode 9

    A class full of jumping jacks in all his variations to level up your cardio.

  • Abs Xpress | 4/12/20 | Julia

    Episode 10

    20sec ON 10sec REST to work on your abdominal muscles. A tough TABATA Class for your core.

  • Tabata Extreme! | 4/14/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 11

    Come push past your limits with Tabata Extreme! After a short warm up, I will take you through a full body, high intensity tabata class focusing on max effort with little down time, promoting cardio support, muscular protection, as well as metabolism/high fat/calorie burn that will continue even...

  • Total Body HIIT | 4/16/20 | Ari

    Episode 12

    Work your body and engage every major muscle group in this head to toe, body blasting 45 minute workout! Mixing bursts of cardio with strength exercises, see what your body can do while grooving to the beat of a great playlist.

  • FAT BURN JUMPING CIRCUIT | 4/17/20 | Julia

    Episode 13

    A fun interval class with tough TABATA tracks to work on your cardio and your strength. You want results? Train like it.

  • HIIT Express | 4/17/20 | Ari

    Episode 14

    Turn up the intensity of your workout for a quick and dirty 30 minute HIIT! Designed like a mountain, Ari will guide you through the class as it builds in intensity and comes back down for a cool down stretch (with some good vibes and laughs along the way).

  • Lower-Body HIIT | 4/21/20 | Katie

    Episode 15

    Lean legs, firm calves, a lifted seat- it can all be yours with this lower-body HIIT workout! 45 minutes on nonstop movement will have you sweating and sculpting lean legs and glutes.

  • Cardio HIIT! | 4/21/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 16

    This HIIT class is all things speed, agility, and endurance. We will be focusing on both speed and power movements the entire class. Come ready to sweat, challenge yourself, and see just how hard you can push through!

  • JUMPING Interval FATBURNING | 4/22/20 | Julia

    Episode 17

    Burning calories and body fat in this Interval class. Bellicon Jumping steps are performed to trendy interval beats (music by

  • HIIT | 4/23/20 | Ari

    Episode 18

    Two rounds of cardio, legs, arms, and abs for a full body, calorie torching, pumped up workout! Challenge yourself while grooving to some great music with Ari!

  • Dynamic HIIT | 4/24/20 | Ari

    Episode 19

    Mixing things up on and off the mat, see what your body can do in this calorie torching, pumped up workout! Challenge yourself in strength and cardio intervals while grooving to some great music with Ari!

    Equipment: light weights or waterbottles for resistance, a mat or towel (on the ground for ...

  • Power HIIT | 4/24/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 20

    Power is the name of the game for this HIIT Class! After a warm up, we will go through sets of various different power movements, knocking out as many reps as possible with as consistent energy output as possible.

  • GET LEANER SERIES 2.0 HIIT It | 4/29/20 | Julia

    Episode 21

    This is the second video of the GET LEANER SERIES. Working with up to 90% of your max. heart rate to burn fat, calories and push your after burn effect. Different cardio exercises in 30 seconds intervals with 15 seconds rest between.

  • HIIT + Extended Core | 4/30/20 | Ari

    Episode 22

    Engaging every major muscle group in this dynamic total body HIIT class, Ari gives extra attention to your core! Train, build & fire your abs, for a body blasting great time.

  • Upper-Body HIIT | 5/5/20 | Katie

    Episode 23

    Our 45 minute HIIT format, with a focus on the upper-body. We'll fly through timed interval circuits for a full-body workout!

  • GET LEANER SERIES 5.0 Lower Body SHAPING | 5/5/20 | Julia

    Episode 24

    Welcome in week 2 of the GET LEANER SERIES. This workout contains a combination of 30 seconds cardio intervals and 30 seconds toning intervals to get your lower body in shape.