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Watch this video and more on bellicon LIVE

Watch this video and more on bellicon LIVE

Bounce to the Elements of Nature: Earth | 8/17/20 | Kyle

Season 1, Episode 134 • 32m

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  • Elements Series: AIR | 8/20/20 | Julie

    Follow nature and invigorate your spirit and health. Through Earth, discover your strength. With Air, get your soft bounce. In Fire, find your full power. On Water, release your muscles. A new series taught by your favorite instructor team - Kyle, Katie, Tiziana, and myself!

  • Cardio Bounce JACK ATTACK! | 8/19/20 ...

    This 30-min. routine will incorporate a lot of jumping jacks in different varieties for lots of heart-pumping action. You've got this!

  • Conditioning Bounce | 8/22/20 | Jenna

    Move through a med intensity interval series that alternates between cardio bounce sequences and body-weight strength exercises.