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bellicon Bounce

bellicon Bounce

172 Episodes

Join us for our weekly bellicon Bounce classes, LIVE from bellicon Studio, Chicago. bellicon Bounce is fun cardio based workout that is guaranteed to challenge you physically and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Each week you will be able to build upon your dance skills and improve your coordination.

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bellicon Bounce
  • [ENCORE] Cardio Bounce! | 12/13/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 1

    I hope you’re ready to sweat! 45 Minutes of nonstop cardio, endurance, and interval training. If you’re looking for a high calorie, toning class, this is it!

  • Cardio Burn Bounce | 3/17/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 2

    Brought to your homes LIVE from Chicago, IL: Join Jeremy taking you through an intense 45 min Cardio Burn workout class. You're going to love this one!

  • bellicon Bounce | 3/18/20 | Julie

    Episode 3

    Join us for Julie’s bellicon Bounce class streamed LIVE from Chicago! Although bellicon Studio is currently closed, we invite you to keep bouncing with us live.

  • Arm + Leg Bounce | 3/20/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 4

    45 minutes with Jeremy is all you need to feel the burn in both arms and legs. Looking to get strong, increase endurance, or just need to get a good sweat in? Look no further, Jeremy is here for you!

    This class is so much fun, it feels more like a dance party than a workout and I sweat like craz...

  • Amped Up Bounce | 3/28/20 | Julie

    Episode 5

    This class will primarily consist of bounce numbers with a few toning segments in between. Expect a great deal of cardio to keep you going all weekend long!

  • 30 Minutes of Motown | 4/4/20 | Julie

    Episode 6

    This is a perfect mood-booster and easy for anyone to fit into their routine - at just 30 minutes!

  • Bluegrass Bounce | 4/11/20 | Julie

    Episode 7

    This routine will be set to country, folk, and blues tunes, though you'll be anything but sad after this cardio and strength session! Try it out for something different.

  • 30 Minute Triple B: Bounce, Booty, Bicep Blast | 4/10/20 | Julie

    Episode 8

    This workout will combine traditional bounce with a focus on your biceps and glutes.

  • Bounce in 30: Latin & Lunges | 4/13/20 | Kyle

    Episode 9

    Squeeze in cardio and lower-body strength in a 30-minute format. All of this will be set to some fun music to de-stress.

  • DANCE AEROBIC FUN | 4/8/20 | Julia

    Episode 10

    Your cardio training in which we build a choreography with a combination of aerobic and jumping moves on the bellicon. (Music by

  • Jump back to the 90's | 4/15/20 | Julia

    Episode 11

    Cardio and toning exercises performed to 90s beats (music by An intermediate fun workout.

  • Freshenizer | 4/13/20 | Julia

    Episode 12

    In this Class you will learn a choreography with easy, low impact steps performed to energizing beach house beats (music by Your soft cardio training on the bellicon.

  • Bounce Fit - Full Body Workout! | 4/13/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 13

    The class will be broken down into 5 pillars - Cardio, Balance, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core. It will be 45 minutes of straight movement, little downtime meaning high calorie burn, lymphatic cleanse, and a full body burn. Work at your own pace, take breaks when you need them, but most of all...

  • Wednesday Evening Bounce: Dance Edition | 4/15/20 | Julie

    Episode 14

    This class will get your heart pumpin' as we bounce to the beat to some great tunes.

  • More Core Bounce | 4/20/20 | Kyle

    Episode 15

    We will cycle through energizing bounce and strengthening exercises to build toward a solid core. Optional use of light weights (or cans/water bottles) and a towel.

  • Kick-y Bounce | 4/20/20 | Kyle

    Episode 16

    Work your core and legs as we burn lots of calories in a short time. Modifications provided and no equipment needed.

  • Bounce Cardio Max | 4/27/20 | Kyle

    Episode 17

    Dial up the intensity on our standard bounce by putting faster beats back to back. You'll be sweating in no time and feeling accomplished!

  • LATIN DANCE FEVER | 4/19/20 | Julia

    Episode 18

    Having fun during working on your cardiovascular system. Dance steps and Latin beats make you sweat and smile.

  • Endurance Bounce | 4/16/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 19

    Test your cardio and endurance! All levels are welcomed to be put to the test! This class will be 45 minutes of nonstop movement on our Bellicons. If available to you, please have one LIGHT to MEDIUM resistance band with handles available for you to incorporate into the sets as well, resulting...

  • ABC (Arms, Bounce, Core) 30 Minute Workout | 4/24/20 | Julie

    Episode 20

    This express workout will give you a small cardio burst while giving your arms and your core some serious attention!

  • Leg and Glute Burner Bounce | 4/20/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 21

    A fun, high energy with or legs and glutes being the stars of the class, focusing and building and toning!

  • High Knee Bounce! | 4/23/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 22

    After a warm up, we will be putting our hip flexors, core, and balance to the ultimate test, as we focus on footwork and bounce patters with a high knee power drive. High calorie and fat burn, and a good sweat, lets get to work!

  • Resistance Band Training and Bounce | 4/27/20 | Jeremy

    Episode 23

    The perfect balance of cardio and strength, this class will combine both a vigorous cardio aspect and using a resistance band working high rep to fail movements in order to promote muscle growth and stamina! Get ready to feel the burn!

  • R&B Bounce | 4/29/20 | Julie

    Episode 24

    Alternating between bounce cardio and strength segments, this is a full-body workout.