Awaken Your Bounce Flow!

Awaken Your Bounce Flow!

This series isn’t just for the true beginner who has never touched a bellicon before, it’s also suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy body awareness, coordination skills and the benefits of soft toning and cardio exercises. Discover the bellicon®.

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Awaken Your Bounce Flow!
  • SIMPLE START with Julia vK.

    Fall in love with the bellicon, improve your body posture, your step techniques and discover the benefits of rebounding!


    Coordination and balance exercises on the bellicon will make you feel more grounded, stable, secure and ready to move forward.

  • CARDIO JOY with Julia vK.

    Improve gently your cardiovascular activity in this moderate workout on the bellicon. Cardio exercises are essential for good health. Lets bounce it.

  • STRONG & HEALTHY with Julia vK.

    Combine cardio parts and soft toning parts in this moderate full body workout on the bellicon, because muscle also helps burn calories. Lets get stronger.