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[PREMIERE] Cardio & Fight | 11/26/20 | Julia

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  • Full Body Styling | 11/23/20 | Julia

    Join this class to improve your muscle strength and stay in shape during the Christmas season.

  • [ENCORE] Tone & Shape Part 3.0 | 11/2...

    More muscles are burning more fat. So lets use this advantage in this WEIGHTLOSS CHALLENGE and work on our strength and shape. Quitting is no option! Originally aired on 10/9/20.

  • [ENCORE] Cardio Fun Part 1.0 | 11/18/...

    Easy steps, steady state work to keep your heart rate evenly on 60-70% of your max. heart rate and beach view makes this class the perfect start for your 4 weeks weightloss challenge. Lets start movin‘ Originally aired on 10/5/20.

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