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All of Julia's classes

All of Julia's classes

For 4 years Julia has been a Master Instructor for bellicon. She is the mastermind behind the newest bellicon concept in Germany ‘JUMPING meets SHADOWBOXER.’
As a former physiotherapist, she turned her passion for improving people's health into a profession by creating fun, high intensity workouts. Besides bellicon, she is also the Head Instructor for SHADOWBOXER Performance, a renown virtual fitness Coach in Germany. But nothing makes her smile more than being on the bellicon. Okay, maybe her 2 children. She is currently based in Italy.
‘Let’s make sweat our best accessory’ is her motto, she is popular for tough but fun classes, in particular HIIT, the best results in least possible time.

All of Julia's classes

    Cardio Parts und Kräftigungseinheiten wechseln sich in dieser Class ab. Eingebaute Intervallparts in Form von Tabata kurbeln Deinen Fettstoffwechseln an und erhöhen Deinen Nachbrenneffekt. Lets go. [Dieser Kurs wurde vor der Ausstrahlung aufgenommen.]

  • HIIT Performance | 11/13/20 | Julia

    Go hard and stay home. The motto is program. Cardio and bodyweight exercises will make you sweaty and train your entire body. Boosting your metabolism to even burn calories in times in inactivity after the workout.

  • Total Body Work | 11/10/20 | Julia

    In this class cardio parts and toning parts will be alternated. Burning calories and strengthen your entire body with this complete body workout.

  • Cardio & Tone Action | 11/6/20 | Julia

    Set your upperbody on fire by using the SHADOWBOXER belt. Simulating boxing moves and performing toning exercises to strengthen our core and the shoulder part. The cardiovascular system will be trained meanwhile on the rebounder.

  • Dance It | 11/3/20 | Julia

    Learning an easy choreography in this steady state cardio workout to burn calories and not even feel that its a workout. Lets dance together.


    Tabata workout is a high intensity interval training which is boosting your fatburning metabolism. Tone & Cardio exercises performed in a 20/10 ON/OFF rhythm. Originally aired on 9/8/20.

  • Recharge & Stretch Part 16.0 | 11/1/20 | Julia

    Soft bouncing moves to stimulate your muscle cells and deep stretching moves to refuel your body. You made it - awesome job.

  • Interval Work Part 15.0 | 10/31/20 | Julia

    This interval class includes different interval blocks. Strenght exercises and cardio intervals will be performed in 30/15, 45/15 and 45/30 circles. Lets sweat together

  • Circuit Power Part 14.0 | 10/29/20 | Julia

    Working on your cardiovascular system and building muscles in this motivational bellicon session. Lets rock the last week of your bodyweight challenge.

  • Interval Work Part 13.0 | 10/27/20 | Julia

    Cardiovascular exercises will be performed to trendy interval beats. Working on your fatburning metabolism and burning a lot of calories.

  • Recharge and Stretch Part 11.0 | 10/24/20 | Julia

    Soft bouncing moves and stretching parts will refuel your body with new energy for the last week of the WEIGHTLOSS CHALLENGE.

  • Circuit Power Part 12.0 | 10/25/20 | Julia

    Building muscles to burn more fat even in times of inactivity. In this class cardio parts are alternated with toning parts for best results. Quitting is not an option.

  • Interval Work Part 10.0 | 10/22/20 | Julia

    Cardio exercises performed to trendy interval beats, to burn a lot of calories and to push your afterburn effect. Set goals, not limits.

  • Circuit Power Part 9.0 | 10/20/20 | Julia

    Building muscles to burn more fat even in times of inactivity. In this class cardio parts are alternated with toning parts for best results. Quitting is not an option.

  • Tone & Shape Part 8.0 | 10/18/20 | Julia

    Strengthening exercises focused on your core, glutes and legs to build muscles and burn more calories. Stronger together.

  • Tone & Shape Part 7.0 | 10/17/20 | Julia

    Strengthening exercises focused on your core, back and arms to build muscles and burn more calories. Stronger together.

  • Interval Work Part 6.0 | 10/15/20 | Julia

    Welcome in the world of interval training. From now on interval trainings will be your best friend and be a huge part of the WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE. Keep burning fat after the workouts, saving time and structured moves are the advantages of interval workouts. Let's get this party started.

  • Recharge & Mobility Part 5.0 | 10/13/20 | Julia

    Recovery bouncing moves, mobility exercises and deep stretching positions will help you to start fresh in the second week. Preparing to keep going.

  • Tone & Shape Part 4.0 | 10/11/20 | Julia

    Basic exercises for different muscle groups to build muscles who are helping you to burn more fat. Will it be easy? NOPE - Fun and worth it? YES.

  • Tone & Shape Part 3.0 | 10/9/20 | Julia

    More muscles are burning more fat. So let's use this advantage in this WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE and work on our strength and shape. Quitting is no option!

  • Cardio Fun Part 2.0 | 10/7/20 | Julia

    Welcome to the second workout of your weight loss challenge, again fun easy steps to keep your heart rate gently on an even rate to burn calories. Lets do this.

  • Cardio Fun Part 1.0 | 10/5/20 | Julia

    Easy steps, steady state work to keep your heart rate evenly on 60-70% of your max. heart rate and beach view makes this class the perfect start for your 4 weeks weight loss challenge. Lets start movin‘!

  • Boxing & Cardio Fun | 10/3/20 | Julia

    Put on your shadowboxer belt and working on your upper body strength while your legs improving your cardio skills on the bellicon.

  • Back in Balance | 9/29/20 | Julia

    In this class you will go through mobility moves to work on your flexibility as well strengthen your muscles with pilates style movements.