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All of Jenna's classes

All of Jenna's classes

JENNA ZAFFINO offers education for your brain, body and business through coaching, health and wellness offerings, and keynote speaking. This balanced alignment of the brain, body, business trifecta is the platform from which Jenna helps hundreds of fitness and wellness professionals access mindset shifts, physical resiliency and empowered individuality in their practices. Jenna is a seasoned Pilates Educator and Fitness Instructor and has evolved her small business from a multi-purpose movement center, to an online movement educational hub and professional support system for wellness pros. Jenna hosts online support programs, tours internationally with her speaking and coaching courses and hosts her wildly popular podcasts, Pilates Unfiltered™ and Moving Experiences™. She currently runs a private coaching and teaching practice in Chicago’s North Center.

All of Jenna's classes
  • [PREMIERE] Pilates Play | 3/12/21 | Jenna

    This week we use small weights to explore some of the exercises that are normally done with the large Pilates equipment. You'll warm up with a bounce and then get your motor running with arm sequences & leg -toning exercises that offer a full-body workout that you'll remember all weekend!

  • [PREMIERE] Pilates+Bounce | 3/8/21| Jenna

    You'll move through a coordination sequence and enjoy the Pilates matwork this week using your Bellicon for both.

  • Pilates Meets Bounce | 3/5/21 | Jenna

    This week we start with a spine warming Pilates series on the Bellicon and then put it all together with a cardio sequence to let your spine move free!

  • Pilates Playtime | 3/2/21 | Jenna

    This week we're using our Bellicon to simulate some of the Pilates Equipment that is used in the studio. We'll move through a warmup, stretch-y standing sequences, Pilates matwork and a bouncing series to inspire and delight!

  • Cardio Conditioning Bounce | 2/26/21 | Jenna

    Join Jenna for another cardio sequence to lift the intensity and get you warm! Then, follow up with an arm toning sequence using 5lb weights to help keep your upper body well-attended.

  • Pilates Meets Bounce Meets Band | 2/23/21 | Jenna

    We'll start with some joint-centered coordination, followed by a Pilates mat sequence that uses the theraband for both assistance and resistance.

  • Cardio Conditioning Bounce | 2/19/21 | Jenna

    Join Jenna for a cardio conditioning session that couples cardio sequences with a circuit using 5lb weights.

  • Gentle Pilates Meets Bounce | 2/16/21 | Jenna

    If you've needed a boost, reset or just a break, this class will move you gently and effectively.

  • Pilates Meets Bounce Meets BALL! | 2/9/21 | Jenna

    Grab a ball, small pillow or any sphere within reach to work through a supported, awareness-rich session that integrates, Pilates matwork & bounce with extra support AND coordination challenges.

  • Valentine's Love Bounce | 2/8/21 | Jenna

    Leave the romance aside - today is about falling in love with THE BOUNCE! Jenna has pulled together a lymphy/cardio/toning bounce to help you feel the love for moving your body.

  • Cardio Conditioning Bounce | 2/6/21 | Jenna

    Join Jenna for an energized, circulation bounce-boost, coupled with body-weight conditioning exercises that will strengthen and tone.

  • Pilates Meets Bounce | 2/2/21 | Jenna

    We're adding a loop to class this week, but not to worry - no loop? No problem, all exercises can be performed using body-weight to receive the effects of posture, toning and more!

  • Cardio Conditioning Bounce | 1/29/21 | Jenna

    It's a "leg-focused" session that will lead you through sequences to activate and challenge your the entire hip complex for walking, standing, squatting, balancing and BOUNCING! Shoes optional.

  • Pilates Meets Bounce | 1/25/21 | Jenna

    Jenna leads you through a series of mobility-based stretches to prep you for your Pilates matwork. Then, we turn up the heat with a simple, progressive bounce sequence to lift your heart rate and your spirits to a new level of *glisten!*

  • Bounce & Tone With Jenna | 1/22/21 | Jenna

    Join Jenna for this cardio/toning mash up where you'll learn a cardio sequence to get the heart rate up and then engage in some challenging but doable small weight circuits for upper and lower body work.

  • Pilates Meets Bounce | 1/18/21 | Jenna

    Join Jenna for this multi-faceted class that starts with a core-centered warm up, followed by a cardio circuit and then a Pilates mat sequence that will awaken your insides to support you outside!

  • [PREMIERE] Cardio Conditioning Bounce | 1/15/21 | Jenna

    You'll begin with a warm up that uses repetitive sequences to keep the coordination simple and the cardiovascular work high. From there, you'll work through a circuit of squats, knee-friendly lunges and planks to work on building strength and stamina. Finally, you'll return to the bounce for th...

  • Pilates Meets Bounce | 1/11/21 | Jenna

    Warm up with bounce, explore a small-arm-weight series (3lbs dumbbells suggested) and get your core connected with a Pilates Mat Sequence that's done all on your bellicon!

  • Meditate Into The New Year With Jenna | 1/10/21 | Jenna

    In addition to being a Bellicon Trainer and Pilates Educator, Jenna is also a Meditation Leader. As a special offering for the new year, she leads us through a practice called: " I Wish I Were Here." This practice is for beginners and experienced meditators and all you need is yourself and a qu...

  • Cardio Flow | 1/9/21 | Jenna

    Jenna leads you through a fun bounce pattern to keep your cardio workout on point. Get ready to bop through a sequence that will make this class FLY BY!

  • Pilates Meets Bounce Meets Massage! | 1/5/21 | Jenna

    It's time to press reset for the new year! Jenna will warm you up with a 16 min cardio sequence, followed by a spine strengthening Pilates series. As a special "finisher" she'll talk you through a gentle face massage to help the glow of a good movement session shine through!

  • Conditioning Bounce | 1/2/21 | Jenna

    Warm up with a basic bounce series that transitions into a spicy circuit of conditioning exercises that target both lower and upper body. This workout will be a great way to start your year off right! 5lbs and resistance loop are used in this class.

  • Cardio Flow | 12/29/20 | Jenna

    Work through fun bounce sequences that keep a steady pace to help you maintain your energy and enjoy yourself!

  • Christmas Tree Pilates | 12/25/20 | Jenna

    Bounce first and then Pilates your way through a dynamic workout that uses your bellicon as your mat. Get ready for some holiday spins on classic Pilates exercises with Jenna!