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Watch this video and more on bellicon LIVE

TONE YOUR LEGS | 2/28/21 | Clarissa

All of Clarissa's classes • 47m

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  • Yoga: Back Bends | 2/25/21 | Clarissa

    Backbends are thought of as poses that open our awareness to the outside world. While the front of the body is being stretched in backbends, (specifically the thighs, front groins, belly, chest and armpits), our attention should continually be focused on the back torso.

  • Yoga Hüftöffner | 2/22/21 | Clarissa

    Sie sorgen für eine bessere Beweglichkeit im unteren Rücken. Ist das Becken optimal ausgerichtet, beugst du Rückenschmerzen vor und entlastest den unteren Rücken. Und auch deine Knie, Schultern und der Kiefer werden entspannt und entlastet. Mit offenen Hüften verminderst du Blockaden im Becken, w...

  • Booty Workout | 2/21/21 | Clarissa

    Strong glutes are more than just about aesthetics. Building muscle in your hips, glutes and quads improves your stability and power as a runner, as well as in other sports. This improves your performance and reduces your risk of injury.