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[ENCORE] Power up! | 10/20/21 | Christian

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    In this cardio and lower body focused workout you will set your legs on fire. Cardio moves and exercises for glutes and legs will make you burn and sweat. When you burn, you earn!

    297 calories burned.

  • [ENCORE] CHEER Hiit | 10/20/21 | Juli...

    Boost your metabolism in our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Work on your strength and endurance in these challenging classes. HIIT training is performed to motivational and thrilling interval music and leads to an afterburn effect due to the high intensity nature of the training. That m...

  • BEAT & Tone | 10/16/21 | Dustin

    In our BEAT classes the focus is improving the cardiovascular system. Get ready to work at a steady pace at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate and experience a workout full of fun moves on the bellicon, burn fat, and improve your metabolism. Let’s BEAT it!